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Eco Friendly Tongue Scraper (Pack of 4)

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Eco-friendly tongue scraper - Neem Tongue Cleaner is BPA Free, Made from 100% Pure Neemwood, Biodegradable, Chemical-free, Removes foul smell, 100% Vegan

Contains - Neem Wood Tongue Cleaner *4


Eco-friendly Tongue Scraper includes our Neem  Wood Tongue Cleaner helps you in tongue scrapping.
It acts as one of the main oral health measures.
In addition, the wood of the Indian Neem tree has proven medicinal properties,
It prevents fungal growth, also has antiseptic, antibacterial, and medicinal properties.
We have Neem-wood tongue cleaner which is handcrafted with the goodness of neem, a medicinal herb.

Dimension – 180 mm
Made from 100% herbal neem wood.
100% Vegan

Why use Eco-Friendly Tongue Scraper?

  • Oral & Natural Hygiene - Skillfully handcrafted, Organic T-head Neem wood tongue scraper. It is made from naturally grown and monitored neem wood. In addition, pure and toxin-free, has no polish or chemicals used, BPA-free; completely biodegradable and recyclable.

  • Moreover, an Angled Head for easy scraping and maximum coverage of tongue surface - smoothly scrapes out white dirt from all corners of the tongue. Thus, Helps remove bad breath.

  • Has No sharp curves; thick cleaning edges made from fine quality neem wood. The long handle gives a comfortable anti-skid grip. Also, Neem wood loaded with natural antibacterial properties is a perfect material for oral hygiene.

  • Easy to clean and maintain - Just wash with warm water every time before use; No risk of cuts; one size for all - adults or children; Plastic-free with attractive packaging.

  • Easy to carry; lightweight; Robust wood ensures durability for long time use. Colour - Natural wood.

Return Policy - This product can't be returned. In case of any defect in the product, we provide a 100% refund.

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