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Recycled Newspaper Pencils & Pen with Plant able Seeds - Pack of 4 Pen and 6 Pencils| Ecofriendly Stationery|

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PACKAGE Contains –

4 Recycled Paper pencils and 6 recycled pencils with plantable seed

Recycled Newspaper Paper Pens, Pencil -

Newspaper seed pens & pencils are made from daily newspapers. They are wood free and environment-friendly. Renewable & fewer raw materials are used to manufacture them. The making of these recycled pencils does not harm trees. The best way to opt for sustainability. Sustainable recycled paper pencils & pen that gives a new life. Made out of recycled paper, the end is filled with seeds and when planted upside down it grows herbs, flowers, or vegetables.

Why you should buy biodegradable paper-pencil from Taal mell?

Made from old using daily newspaper

 Our pen & pencil are plantable and can be recycled.

 They are made from 100% recycled paper and they are sustainable pens & pencils

 It contains seeds of different vegetables that are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

 We offer you a paper seed pencil & pen which can help the environment to grow more plants once they are used.

 Variety of plants you want to grow we have.

Plantable pencil & pen are a good option, for those who love nature and also to gift our loved ones for spreading awareness

.  These pencils and pens contain seeds of a variety of vegetables that can be planted in your own garden pot.

 Growing these seed pencils & pens with immense care and watering them is quite a fun activity.

 Seeds of the pencil and pen will sprout within 5-10 days.

 In Addition, It is non-toxic and a viable gift option for your friends and family.

 It is a complete win-win usable eco-friendly stationery product.

 It has a lightweight body which makes it easy to write, comes with a 0.5mm tip (pen)

 The seeds are provided at the end of the pencil & pen, just insert the part containing seeds in the soil when the pencil & pen is too short, takes care of the plants with moist soil, and water them adequately. See your hard work nurture in peace.

 These are packed in a biodegradable paper box.

 These are 100% natural &Eco-friendly.

 We also ensure to minimize wastage of the raw materials used in the production.

 We also ensure that our product is user-friendly and causes no harm to the consumer.

 Hence, we are determined to provide our customers authentic and natural products.

PACKAGE Contains –

4 Recycled Paper pencils and 6 recycled pencils with plantable seed

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